Slowing Down for Kindness

Day 140: Slowing Down for Kindness

“Slow down everyone. You’re moving too fast. – Jack Johnson

I don’t know about you, but some days I feel like I rush from one thing to the next. The day begins before the sun rises and then it feels like a marathon or a never-ending sprint. I wonder if all the things I pack into one day are really all that necessary. On those sprinting days, which are often, I feel my shoulders tighten, by breath become shallow and my patience running thin. By the end of the day I’m exhausted and not sure when and where the kindness was felt or given. On these days, I must remember to first be compassionate with myself by praising myself for my best effort. Next, I try to do something that feels good, whether that is a swim, a hug from one of my children or a long bath. Lastly, I remind myself that life is a journey, not a race, and if I just slow down, I might be able to feel the kindness.

Learning to slow down for ourselves and for the people in our lives may be the most important and loving gift we can give.

Jennifer Palazzo

Photo Courtesy of and The Very Kind Kostas Tsirogk

Surrender to Kindness

Day 16: Surrender to Kindness

“Surrender to what is. Let go of what was. Have faith in what will be.” – Sonia Ricotti

“Let go and let God.””Let go of the illusion of control.” “Just let go.””Surrender.” All easier said than done. We all seem to want to control, but the truth is we have no control over anything or anyone, other than ourselves. The illusion of control is a hard lesson for most of us. Often, we justify control as love, worry and protection. If we are going to find our potential and our authentic self then we need to learn to surrender and let go. When we surrender to what is and stop doing and start being, we will be able to see clearly and live from an authentic and kind place.

  1. Kindness to Self:

    We are in control of what we think, feel and do. Those are the only things we are in control of and everything else in beyond our reach. Choose to surrender to the moment and learn through observation how and when you try to control.

  2. Kindness to Others:

    One of the kindest things we can do for others, is to let them be who they are. If we truly love someone we must set them free and let them be.

  3. Kindness to Strangers:

    Letting go and accepting people for who they are, where they come from and living life from a place of curiosity rather than judgement is a gift of kindness to both ourselves and the strangers we encounter.

  4. Kindness to Our Planet:

    How does one surrender and let go when it comes to being kind to our planet? I think we can leave special areas the way we find them. We can learn what plants are indigenous to our local area and replant those types of plants in order to promote a natural habitat for us, animals, insects and mother nature.

Jennifer Palazzo

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