365 Days of Kindness

On Friday November 13th 2015, World Kindness Day, I launched 365 Days of The 4 Acts of Kindness. Each day I will guide you through the process by providing a daily theme to carry out the 4 Acts of Kindness.

Take the pledge and commit to living the 4 Acts of Kindness everyday.

365 Days of Kindness

Day 1: World Kindness Day: Love

Day 2: Kindness In a Smile

Day 3: Kindness Through Inclusion

Day 4: Kindness Through Acceptance

Day 5: Kindness: Slow Down

Day 6: Friendship is Kindness in Motion

Day 7: Kindness Through Encouragement

Day 8: Kindness, Joy & Music

Day 9: Kindness & Religion

Day 10: Kindness & The Inner Critic

Day 11: Kindness & The Confidant

Day 12: Listening is Kindness

Day 13: Girls, Kindness & The Power of Words

Day 14: Gratitude Creates Kindness

Day 15: From Chaos to Kindness

Day 16: Surrender to Kindness

Day 17: From Forgiveness to Kindness

Day 18: Change Perspective and Find Kindness

Day 19: Giving is Pure Kindness

Day 20: Choose Kindness and Receive Happiness

Day 21: Becoming Kind

Day 22: Delight in the Act of Kindness

Day 23: Kindness is an Attitude

Day 24: Kindness is Being Magnanimous

Day 25: Kindness: Serenity is a Choice

Day 26: Creating Kind Patterns

Day 27: Kindness: Listening to Your Soul

Day 28: Gentleness is Kindness

Day 29: Pleasure In The Small Things

Day 30: Kindness by Loving Your Body

Day 31: Kindness is the Best Day of My Life

Day 32: Kindness by Invitation

Day 33: Gift Giving in Kindness

Day 34: Kindness: Let it Flow

Day 35: Kindness Through Non-Attachment

Day 36: Kindness Because Life is Good

Day 37: Kindness Does Not Judge

Day 38: Truth With Kindness

Day 39: Boundaries With Kindness

Day 40: Connecting With Kindness

Day 41: Patience is Kind

Day 42: Kindly Spend Your Time

Day 43: Merry Kindness

Day 44: Kindly Trust Yourself

Day 45: Letting Kindness Unfold

Day 46: Thoughts of Kindness

Day 47: Kindly Change a Habit

Day 48: Open to Kindness

Day 49: Kind Traditions

Day 50: We Are Kindness

Day 51: City Kindness

Day 52: Kind Optimism

Day 53: Reaching Out For Kindness

Day 54: Looking For Kindness

Day 55: Kindly Finding Inner Strength

Day 56: Community Kindness

Day 57: Being Playful is Kind

Day 58 Bonding Creates Kindness

Day 59: Honoring is Kindness

Day 60: Visions of Kindness

Day 61: Kindness Through Loss

Day 62: Kindly Nourish Happiness

Day 63: Kindly Say No

Day 64: Treat Yourself to Kindness

Day 65: Kind Presence

Day 66: Kind Speech

Day 67: Kind Blessings

Day 68: Inner Kindness

Day 69: Be Kind and Shine

Day 70: Kindly Finding Hope

Day 71: The Kind Mind

Day 72: Flowing Kindness

Day 73: Kind Meetings

Day 74: Kind Wisdom

Day 75: Finding a Kind Pace

Day 76: Kind Kids

Day 77: Kind Service

Day 78: Feeling Kind of Special

Day 79: Kind Appreciation

Day 80: Kind Costco, Kind Everywhere

Day 81 Kindness through Vulnerability

Day 82: Compassionate Kindness

Day 83: From Acceptance to Kindness

Day 84: Love Yourself to Kindness

Day 85: Kindness: Prayer & Meditation

Day 86: The Kindness Within

Day 87: Kindly Asked to Listen

Day 88: Kindness Found

Day 89: Perfectly Kind

Day 90: Finding Kindness at 40

Day 91: Kind Acts of Love

Day 92: Kind Approval

Day 93: Kind Affirmations

Day 94: Kind Love

Day 95: Beautiful Kindness

Day 96: Unconditional Kindness

Day 97: Kindness Review

Day 98: Kind Creations

Day 99: Magnet for Kindness

Day 100: Kind Thoughts

Day 101: Kindness Lifts

Day 102: Incredible Kindness

Day 103: Kindness is Free

Day 104: Kind Encounters

Day 105: Smile Kindly

Day 106: True Friend, True Kindness

Day 107: Forgive and Create Kindness

Day 108: Give Kindness, Get Kindness

Day 109: Traveling Kindness

Day 110: Receiving Kindness

Day 111: Kindness for All

Day 112: Kind Beliefs

Day 113: Resting Kindly

Day 114: From Kindness to Happiness

Day 115: Kind Messages

Day 116: Say Yes to Kindness

Day 117: Women Kindness

Day 118: Remaining Kind

Day 119: Healing Through Kindness

Day 120: Kind Inspiration

Day 121: Kindness Through a Storm

Day 122: Kind Caregiving

Day 123: The Power of Kindness

Day 124: Love, Friendship & Kindness

Day 125: Look Up for Kindness

Day 126: Be Kind

Day 127: Laugh Your Way to Kindness

Day 128: From Forgiveness to Kindness

Day 129: Spring Kindness

Day 130: Emoting Kindness

Day 131: Kind Quotes

Day 132: Toolbox of Kindness

Day 133: Kind Rewards

Day 134: Kindness in a Cuddle

Day 135: Kindly Try Something New

Day 136: Loving Kindness

Day 137: Kindly Finding the Beauty





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