Honoring is Kindness

Day 59: Honoring is Kindness

“Know your own self. Honor your own self. Find and be who you really are, at the deepest level of your own being. Be present in your own presence. Give yourself the gift of your own self.” – Nirmalananda

It is not always easy to honor our own selves, but to do so, is pure kindness. Honoring oneself is the highest form of self kindness. It will organically lead to being kind to others, kind to strangers and kind to our planet. By honoring exactly what each of us needs, we will create a space that is free from resentment and full of contentment. What each of us needs in order to honor and know thyself, is going to be completely different and unique. Take this day, and everyday and ask yourself if you are honoring and serving your needs.

Kindness to Self:

Honor yourself before others.

Kindness to Others:

By first honoring yourself, kindness will become automatic and spread to those people around you.

Kindness to Strangers:

When we honor ourselves and we are true to who we are, we will be open and kindness with spread from us to all others.

Kindness to Our Planet:

By honoring our own selves, we will honor the home in which we live. With self respect comes respect for all other beings, plants and animals.

Jennifer Palazzo

Photo Courtesy of FreeImages.com and The Very Kind Luiz Ferreira

Author: Jennifer Palazzo

I am a writer, digital marketer, yoga instructor, mom, and pursuer of truth, kindness, delicious & healthy foods, natural alternatives to mainstream products and the best gluten free foods available. Follow me as I explore the wonders of living a kind, vibrant and healthy life.

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